Before you begin

Injury risk

You have to be injury free. Despite you are injury free and healthy the tests execution can cause you an injury. Take care of yourself. We are not responsible for anything that might happen to anyone because of reading this website.

Needed experience

You need climbing experience to know what you are doing and what this system is for. You should have at least 1 year of regular climbing experience.


Ask someone for help or just do The Supreme Master Checkout with your friend as tests execution must be supervised in order to get reliable and solid results. Another thing is that some of the tests need assistance to take a measurement like time or distance. That should be an reliable, helpful, involved and meticulous person. Just like SpongeBob SquarePants ;)


If you feel that your results might be unreliable, because of any sickness, low fitness level or have a longer break in climbing please wait with performing the tests as soon as you get back to your climbing level represented by climbing route grades.

This is not a training

The Supreme Master Checkout is not a training. Test exercises are not designed to create a training stimulus and proper body adaptations or anabolic processes. The purpose of this system is to test climbers’ abilities that are highly used in climbing in form of Key Performance Indicators and compare them with other climbers who are able to send harder routes.


If you input metric data please keep that way and don’t change to imperial within a single test. The same in other way - if you use imperial measurements don’t change it to metric with one test.