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Research based on corelation of abilities to climbing grade

Warning Annular_and_cruciform_parts_of_fibrous_sheath_over_flexor_tendon_sheaths

Despite we tried to set a combination of tests possibly for all experience level climbers some tests are for climbers with experience of at least two years of regular climbing as it may easily cost you an injury. Warm up well first.

The tests

The survey guides you through the battery of tests which should be done with care to details and maximum effort for most reliable results to get analysis with minimum error deviation.

In order to make any analysis usable we need hundreds or thousands of submissions from the climbers. The data are entered with different perspective of human kinetics, self feeling, experience, mental and physical abilities and skills. None the less the system treat it as KPIs - Key Performance Indicators. Thus we can generate the analysis that might help you to estimate your weaknesses and the direction of training and climbing skills development.

All the results of test exercises are numerical. These are the amount of added weight (kg or lbs), hold time (seconds), distance (mm, cm or inches) or number of repetitions. So you can enter data below zero (with - minus), 0 (zero), or in most cases above zero. If your measurement system is imperial, please use fractions like f.ex. 5.6 of inch. In case you can't perform the test exercise due to difficulty just enter 0 (zero) as the result.

Before you begin please read carefully the Before you begin section.

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