7/3 repeaters dead hangs @ >160 seconds -> MR

7/3 repeaters dead hangs / 4 fingers / half or open crimp @ more than 160 seconds -> maximum hold time

Equipment needed: hangboard, stopwatch

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test 4 finger endurance by recording the time you can perform repeated dead hangs with 7 second hang and 3 second rest for as long as possible and for at least 160 seconds. The result you record is the length of time you did the repeats.


Hold onto the rung with arms shoulder-width apart. During each dead hang your legs hang loosely but should not swing.


Make as many repetitions as possible of 7 second hangs with 3 second rests. The test is over when the edge cannot be held for a full 7 seconds. Repeated hangs should be performed for at least 2.5 minutes with 4 fingers on the selected edge using an open or half crimp grip until failure. You can change between the grip types any time. If you cannot perform repeaters for 160 seconds, just input the maximum time you can.