Equipment Needed

We tried to keep it to a minimum, but The Supreme Master Assessment requires some equipment to perform. If you absolutely cannot access the proper equipment, you should fill in only the sections in which you were able to test yourself. This will not impact the accuracy of your analysis, only the scope.


A hangboard should be made of hard leafy tree and accordingly sanded to allow for proper friction and skin care.


Appropriate edge depth depends on how advanced of a climber you are and if you can actually perform a test exercise with a certain edge:

  • 45 mm = appx. 1,75” (1 3/4“)
  • 20 mm = appx. 0,8” (4/5“)
  • 15 mm = appx. 0.6” (3/5")
  • 10 mm = appx. 0.4” (2/5")
  • < 10 mm - smaller edges for advanced climbers

Outer edges should be rounded to an 8mm radius - like on the. Beastmaker, Witchholds, and many other popular hangboards.

10 mm and smaller edges are usually rounded just a little bit - such as with Beastmaker “Micros” or Witchholds’ “microSlats”.

If your hangboard has different edge depths, fill the pocket with something like folded paper secured with tape. Check the depth with a tape measure or ruler.


If the hangboard is well-used and the friction is poor, you can take a piece of 120 grain sandpaper and make a few swipes on the surface of the needed edge.


Examples with few with the required edges are:

  • Beastmaker 1000 (45, 20 and 15 mm)
  • Lattice Triple Rung (45, 20 and 10 mm)
  • Do you know any other with at least three of the required edges? Let us know!

Harness or Soft Belt

A harness or a soft, wide belt is needed to hang added weight from your waist.


A variety of weight plates and a piece of rope or sling to attach the weight to the harness.

Pull-up Bar

Pull up bar should have a diameter of around 2.5 - 4 cm with a non-slippery surface, f.ex. taped with athletic tape or used with chalky hands.

Gym Rings

Gym rings are gym rings. They may be wooden or plastic, it doesn't matter. Use chalk. Do not use TRX or other systems suspended from a single point right above your head.


Any regular stopwatch is fine. If you decide to do The Supreme Master Assessment alone use a helpful sport timer app. F.ex. such as Complex Timer or other interval timer.

Short Tape Measure

You will need this to make measurements in several tests.


Regular chalk or liquid? It doesn't matter. Don't use too little or too much. Just secure a static, dry grip in test exercises. Aside from grip, chalk can come in handy to make marks for certain test exercises.