Climbing Checkout
Self-Assessment Project

Research based on relation of abilities to climbing grade


What do I need to sent harder routes?
What are my weaknesses and what I should practice to improve?
Do I really need to do the front lever to get to sent harder routes?
What is the most essential body part to train after the fingers strength?

Through comparison of abilities of large number of climbers we can estimate the answers for these questions. The survey will help answer these questions and estimate what needs an improvement. Through such approach we can better and more accurately set, plan and reach our goals. Such tool might significantly help climbers find their place inside the planned training.


My name is Lukasz Strzalkowski and I train sport climbing since 2016. This is my research project to find out the correlation of measurables abilities to climbing skills represented by the grade of successful ascends. Following this idea I want to find out is it possible to check out if current abilities allows one to climb harder routes than currently ascended. If yes than I should join the technical climbing course or visit the mental doctor. If no than training weaknesses should help to be a better climber.

Determination of climbing techniques is extremely difficult due to large number and variety of skills like mindful climbing, movement patterns, and all of them are different for each rock formation or type of the rock and its friction.

So in my opinion the result of such approach should let draw conclusions on how to improve climbing skills through comparison to other climbers in particular areas.

I hope this project will find out if such thinking is not out in space.