Grand Opening

Hi, Climbers!

Welcome to Test4Climbing. This research project aims to establish if testing and comparing physical abilities can create a platform for effective training design. The Supreme Master Checkout will guide you through a set of motor test exercises that can be used to benchmark and compare your results to those of other climbers. The analysis should provide insight into how to improve your results and improve your climbing ability. The Supreme Master Checkout also covers the mental aspect of climbing with an effective “mental test” survey. The project should highlight your weaknesses and strengths in all aspects of climbing (not just finger strength or pulling power).

The tool benefits from a large pool of climbers from which to draw data from, so to improve the efficacy and accuracy of data, please share it with your friends, peers, and the wider climbing community.

Finally, please remember the main point of The Supreme Master Checkout is to improve climbing, have fun and don’t get injured.

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