3 pull-ups -> MAW

3 pull-ups -> maximum added weight

Equipment needed: bar, harness, weight, stopwatch

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test the flexion strength of the arms by recording the maximum added weight you can do 3 pull-ups with. The result you record is the amount of added weight.


Hold the bar with arms shoulder-width apart, weight attached to your harness. During the test your feet hang loosely and you cannot touch the ground.


Perform pull-ups with a pronated thumb over the bar grip. Pull-ups must feature straight arms at the bottom and your chin above the bar at the top. Finding the maximum load should be done in 2-4 test attempts separated by 3 - 5 min of active rests. After the rest you should feel reasonably recovered.
It is recommended to perform the attempts with increasing load, not decreasing. The added weight from the last successful 3 pull-ups should be recorded as the result of the test.