burpees @ 90 seconds -> MR

burpees @ 90 seconds -> maximum repeats

Equipment needed: bar, sling, rope or whatever to hang above to provide the "jump check", stopwatch

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test your overall dynamic efficiency. The result you record is the number of correct burpees. Correct burpees consist of a correct push-up and then a jumping reach with fingertips above the bottom of a "jump check" object.


Find yourself a “jump check” object (or hang it) above your head - it should be high enough to just touch with one hand while standing on flat feet. Start standing directly under the "jump check" object.


Lower to the floor and perform a push-up with your hands shoulders width apart and your chest less than 10cm from the floor at the low point. Stand up and jump to tap the "jump check". This entire sequence is called a "burpee" and should be repeated as many times as possible in 90 seconds for this test. The test ends after 90 seconds or when you are unable to perform the push-ups or jumps correctly.