modified SEBT -> MaxD

modified Star Excursion Balance Test -> maximum distace

Equipment needed: floor, chalk, short tape measure, any small object to move with your foot

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test the range and balance control of your lower body. The result you record is the distance from the center of the intersecting lines, where you stand, to the farthest place where you can reach with your toes as marked by the moved object.


Draw a star on the floor with 3 lines by drawing X and a horizontal line that intersects in the center. Stand with the center of one foot at the intersection of the three lines and put your hands on your hips.


Move a small, light object that will mark the range of your leg as far as possible. Measure from the center of the lines to the closest edge of the object. Perform the test exercise in each direction. It is recommended to alternate standing legs each test exercise as it requires some strength endurance of the legs..