pistol squats with half foot support -> MR

pistol squats with half foot support -> maximum repeats

Equipment needed: small step, book or whatever to stand on

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test the strength or strength endurance of one leg pushing. The result you record is the number of repetitions. If you are unable to perform a single pistol squat then enter 0 (zero).


Stand on the object with one leg on the front half of your foot.


While keeping one leg off the ground, perform a squat until your knee is fully bent. At the same time the other leg is extended forward. After reaching the low position of the squat you rise to the one-legged standing position while retracting your leg back underneath of you. If your non-squatting leg touches the ground, the test ends. Perform as many pistol squats as possible. Try to keep calm during the test as it requires some balance control. To help maintain balance, you can stabilize yourself at the low point with a horizontally-suspended string or rope, tied no higher than 10cm from the floor.