campus power slap -> MaxD

campus power slap -> maximum distance

Equipment needed: campus board, short tape measure, chalk

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test the flexor power and extensor speed of the arms by pulling up as hard as possible with both arms and reaching as far as possible upwards with one arm. The result you record is the distance from the top of the starting rung to the highest point touched.


Hang from the most comfortable campus rung with arms shoulder-width apart and your feet hanging loosely. Do not kip.


Begin by hanging on the most comfortable rung of the campus board. Pull up and try to reach and touch with one arm as far as possible without kipping. The tested hand can be additionally chalked to leave a mark on the campus board for measurement. Recording a video can help you determine the exact point you reached. You can perform the test 2-3 times and note the best result for each hand to ensure a reliable result. Rest between each attempt for 3-5 minutes.