trunk rotation -> MaxD

trunk rotation -> maximum distance

Equipment needed: chair, short tape measure, something to mark the reach distance (f.ex. chalk)

Goal and measurement

The goal is to test the rotation of your trunk. The result you record is the distance between your fingertips in the center position and the rotated position of your trunk.


Sit on a chair in front of a wall with a straight back. Hold your arms out straight in front of you,, lower your shoulders (stick them to this position), and put your hands together toward the wall. You should touch the wall with your fingertips. Mark this as your center position.


Rotate your shoulders to the desired side without moving your shoulders forward or backward. Keep your shoulders low and stiff, your arms straight, and your back vertical with your butt firmly in the chair. Measure the distance between the center position and your fingertips in your torso’s most rotated state.