What you can test?

The test exercises for The Supreme Master Assessment are separated into four groups:

  • Strength / Power / Endurance

  • You can execute any test you want, but to make this tool comprehensive we have created sets. Because of "Strength / Power / Endurance" is the most physically exhausting group, we have designed two sets for these test exercises:
    • Primary Set
    • Full Set
  • Mobility / Flexibility

  • Balance / Coordination

  • Mental

Despite trying to make the test universal, for some people a few exercises designed to test for strength endurance or power endurance may immediately become difficult and actually feel like strength tests. If this is the case, don’t let this bother you and just do your best! This categorisation is only for test design purposes and the analysis will be relevant either way.
Color key:
● (orange) Strength and Power
● (green) Strength Endurance and Power Endurance
● (blue) Endurance

Primary Set

The Primary Set should cover the most general, climbing-relevant parts of the body:

The above set should provide you with a decent overview about your physical abilities for climbing.

Full Set

The Full Set will test the same general physiology as the Primary Set, but will be even wider and sometimes also include tests geared more towards advanced climbers:

The above set should provide you with an extensive overview of your physical abilities for climbing.

The exact test exercises and suggested order are listed in the Test Sets and Exercises section.

Mental Test

Aside from the physical motor tests, we have created a comprehensive survey-style test to help you identify your psychological strengths and weaknesses in climbing. Although there is no comparative analysis available for the psychological exam (for ethical reasons), the results are shown as a chart of different categories, such as commitment or self-esteem, to help you identify where you can improve and to track your growth.

Testing Frequency

We advise you to submit a new Supreme Master Assessment after each training block, but not more than four times a year. Mental tests should not be done more than twice a year.

  Strength / Power / Endurance Mobility / Flexibility Balance / Coordination Mental
Times a year 2 - 3 2 2 1 - 2