Test Sets and Exercises

First of all - you can execute any test that is in your scope of interest. There are no limitations how you use this tool. But in order to create a comprehensive assessment, we have divided The Supreme Master Assessment into two test sets.

In order to help you move efficiently through all the test exercises with minimum influence from one on to another, we have arranged them in particular order. If you want to change the order, try your best to stick to the rule of minimum influence (f.ex. do not perform the same body section test exercises one after another) and please read the Preparation section carefully.

Please print this page or bring a computer/phone along to the gym as it should be helpful to keep the test exercises in below order.

Test Exercise Muscular Operation Key:
● (orange) Strength and Power
● (green) Strength Endurance and Power Endurance
● (blue) Endurance
● (white) for other tests like Mobility, Flexibility, Coordination or Balance Control.

Despite trying to make the test universal, for some people a few exercises designed to test for strength endurance or power endurance may immediately become difficult and actually feel like strength tests. If this is the case, don’t let this bother you and just do your best! This categorization is only for test design purposes and the analysis will be relevant either way.

Test Exercise Acronyms:
MAW - Maximum Added Weight
ME - Minimum Edge
MHT - Maximum Hold Time
MR - Maximum Repeats
MaxD - Maximum Distance
MinD - Minimum Distance

Click each test exercise for detailed instructions

Primary Set

    Session A

  1. half crimp dead hang @ 10 seconds -> MAW
  2. bends down -> MinD
  3. campus power slap -> MaxD
  4. hip rotation -> MaxD
  5. continuous dead hang @ 40 - 100 seconds -> MHT
  6. side split -> MaxD
  7. tummy-to-table two leg hold -> MHT
  8. reaching balance -> MaxD
  9. core flexor strength -> MHT
  10. 90° wall angel -> MinD
  11. 90° bent arm hang -> MHT
  12. Session B

  13. pistol squats with half foot support -> MR
  14. trunk rotation -> MaxD
  15. 90° lock-off @ 10 seconds -> MAW
  16. leg raise -> MaxD
  17. modified L-sit -> MHT
  18. modified SEBT -> MaxD
  19. 7/3 repeaters dead hangs @ >160 seconds -> MR
  20. eyes closed one leg stand -> MHT
  21. pull-ups -> MR
  22. shoulder reach behind -> MinD
  23. burpees @ 90 seconds -> MR

Full Set

    Session C

  1. 3 finger dead hang @ 10 seconds -> MAW
  2. reverse plank
  3. tummy-to-table leg raises -> MR
  4. minimum edge dead hang @ 4 seconds -> ME
  5. left side plank
  6. 90° dip hold -> MHT
  7. wall sit -> MHT
  8. 3 pull-ups -> MAW
  9. right side plank
  10. windshield wipers -> MR
  11. side single leg bridge -> MHT
  12. dips -> MR

Because of the flexible build of The Supreme Master Assessment you can perform only the test exercises that are in your scope of interest or within your ability to perform. However, we encourage you to perform as many test exercises as you can to provide other climbers with the most data possible for comparison. The feedback you get in the Analysis section will pay you back for your effort with a lot more valuable data.

Mental Test

You can perform the mental tests whenever you like. The optimal time would be when you feel you could have changed mentally or after some mental training period. But remember, the findings of this test will have error, and the only relevant metrics for improvement regarding mental game will show up on the wall.

Testing Frequency

We advise you to submit a new Supreme Master Assessment after each training block, but not more than four times a year. Mental tests should not be done more than twice a year.

  Strength / Power / Endurance Mobility / Flexibility Balance / Coordination Mental
Times a year 2 - 3 2 2 1 - 2